How An EMP Will Affect Your State

The U.S. electric power grid will get burned to the ground.

Cars will grind to a complete halt.

Grocery stores won’t get resupplied as the big trucks simply break down on highways.

We won’t even be able to get water or gas from the ground after the electric pumps stop.

No TV, computers, mobile phones, or ATMs… Nothing with circuits will work anymore.

The result of all this?

Utter chaos and looting on a scale that is unimaginable today.

Martial law will be the only law but even so…

The police and the army will be completely overwhelmed. Many of their unhardened vehicles and equipment will also be fried.

And they will probably want to protect their own families before you, me, or anyone else.

The pharmacy you usually go to will be overrun and ransacked, never to be restocked again.

Life support machines will simply cease to function, and hospitals will fill to the brim with the dying, sick, and injured.

Diseases will run rampant, killing without mercy as basic sanitation breaks down and there is no more running water.

Before long, famine will set in.

And as days turn into weeks, people will turn to beasts that will do anything for their next meal!

Normal folks will loot your supplies without giving it a second thought.

There is nowhere to run from this nightmare….


And where you live is where you’ll have to survive as there will be no more transportation available, and the world will be too dangerous to venture outside.

The only hope for every sane person is to outlast the effects of an EMP at home until the grid can be rebuilt from its ashes.

The grid is America’s soft underbelly, and that is where any shrewd enemy will strike first.

According to the EMP Commission, if the whole planet (and that includes our old “friend” China) would rebuild the huge substations the EMP will destroy, it will take at least two years to make our grid operational again.

The same experts estimate that over 90% of Americans will die during that time due to starvation and societal collapse.

In the event of an EMP attack at 300 miles above ground, the whole continental U.S. would be devastated by a civilization-ending pulse.

There will be no warning.

The truth is, an EMP would end America and our way of life as we know it.

I’m not telling you all this to scare you, but to help you prepare before it’s too late.

I’ve studied this threat for many years, and I believe it’s only a matter of time.

Today I would like to show you:

  • Why an EMP attack has just become imminent and America’s time is running out;
  • How a simple, inexpensive material can protect your home and all your electronics from the effects of an EMP;
  • The three most important items you must shield before all others. You can also use this same material to protect your phone from being tracked or listened to and stop crooks from stealing money off your credit card when you’re not paying attention.

I assure you that what I’m about to reveal is something you’ve never seen or even heard of until today.

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen

To Me In The First Place

Who I Am And

Why You Should Listen To Me

In The First Place

My name is Claude Davis, and I am one of those few people who doesn’t want to rely on government handouts during a crisis. I will not trust FEMA or anyone else with my family’s lives. I deeply believe it’s our duty to protect the ones we love because when things go really bad, there is no one else who’s going to do that for you.

Some people might call me a prepper because of that. Others might even go so far as to call me crazy. But preppers are only “crazy” until the very things we prepare for actually happen—like when Hurricane Katrina ravaged entire states, leaving tens of thousands without access to food, water, basic sanitation, and medical care. And when millions of Americans like you and me lost their family home in 2008, who did the government decide to help? That’s right—the same greedy bankers that had caused it!

Few people believed that a pandemic could sweep the globe in months, and yet it did!

Thankfully, nothing that America couldn’t recover from came our way. It was bad at times but not really bad. It affected some, but not all.

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if tomorrow an EMP hits America and plunges us into a years-long total blackout with no cars, phones, working hospitals, life-support machines, refrigeration, and many others, everybody’s going to be affected and nobody’s coming to save you.

An electromagnetic pulse is the one disaster America is NOT ready for, and even though I’ve lived through a lot over the years, there is still nothing that frightens me more.

This is the crisis that ends America as we know it.

The Crisis That Ends America

The U.S. discovered this phenomenon by accident while performing a secret test codenamed Starfish Prime. The experiment was conducted over a very remote area in the Pacific Ocean, far away from civilization. But even so, the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) was felt 900 miles away on the island of Hawaii, where it lit up the night sky.

It also knocked out about 300 streetlights, set off numerous burglar alarms, tripped circuit breakers, and even damaged a telephone company microwave link. Imagine if it had been any closer. That EMP also fried several satellites flying in low orbit, and our leaders quickly understood that this was a new existential threat.

During the next few years, both our military and the Soviet Union further developed this kind of weapon until it was capable of bringing devastating effects to entire continents.

And that was back then.

All our electronics and microelectronics are a lot more complex today and our lives are a lot more dependent on them.

The more vulnerable we are, the higher the chance such an attack will eventually be used against us.

That means that people like you and me won’t get “rescued” by the government, like in a local disaster. This isn’t going to be anything like Katrina, but much…much worse.

The whole country will face a prolonged blackout unlike anything we’ve seen before, and you will be the only one responsible for your family’s safety in the coming darkness and chaos.

Nobody else will help.

An EMP is the perfect sneak attack that bypasses American military might. We won’t see it coming, and just like I said, the government won’t be able to help even if it wants to.

But you can do something to prepare right now.

There are only three items that you absolutely must protect against an EMP.

Three Things You Need
To Protect Before An EMP

Three Things You Need To Protect Before An EMP

The first is your backup generator. I don’t care what type you have; it won’t survive an EMP.

During the Cold War tests, all generators were burned, and they were a lot more resilient to EMP effects as they had fewer circuits than any generator on the market today. 

As long as you have power left, everything else you need to survive in your home gets a little easier. You’ll be able to keep your food from spoiling, warm or cool your house, have light, preserve meds, pump water, store gas, and keep alarms and closed-circuit cameras operational.

Keeping your generator and any other electronic device unplugged and turned off will not save it. The electromagnetic waves generated by the EMP will still burn it.

The next thing you need to protect is your car.

Modern cars have a lot of circuits, microchips, and electronically controlled systems that would easily get fried by an EMP. If your car still works after the pulse, you’ll be able to cover huge distances that others will only dream about. You’ll be able to find and haul resources or bug out if things get too dicey in your area. Fuel will not be a problem as you’ll be able to just siphon it from the millions of other cars stranded on our roads and highways.

You’ll also need to shield a HAM radio as this will probably be the only reliable long-distance communication device left for regular people. Just imagine there is suddenly no more Internet, there are no working phones or even phone towers, and your TV is also pitch black. A HAM is how you get information, coordinate with other survivors, or get wind of things heading your way ahead of time. Do not underestimate how important this is.

So how do you protect all of them?

And not just them, but also the other home electronics that are vulnerable to an EMP, like radios, air conditioning units, washing machines, fridges, freezers, or electric tools, just to name a few.

You Probably Won’t Survive An EMP Without This

The easiest way to do it is by using the EMP Cloth, a special material pretty hard and expensive to make that blocks all electromagnetic waves.

Anything you wrap in it will be protected from an EMP.

It’s the simplest method I’ve found to protect all vital electronics from the devastating effects of an EMP.

Here’s how easy it is to wrap your generator in it:

At 15 feet long by 3.5 feet wide, the EMP Cloth is designed to fully cover any type of home generator, including diesel, solar, gasoline, propane, and virtually any other type of generator. 

This cloth was developed after years of extensive research by top U.S. scientists.

It provides 98% military-grade protection against electromagnetic waves.

So what other things can the EMP-Proof Cloth help you with?

It will stop anybody from tracking your phone. If you didn’t already know, you can be tracked even if the phone is off or the battery is dead.

If you wrap your mobile phone in this protective cloth, neither the government nor your phone company can use it to find out where you are. No more signals will leave or enter your phone. The EMP-Proof Cloth blocks EMP waves as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and RF signals.

You Can Also Protect Your Vital Home Appliances

Having power left thanks to a generator won’t do you a lot of good if the home appliances that need that power are burned out. We recommend using the EMP Cloth to also keep a laptop, heater, ham radio, medical machine, or any other electronic device or appliance you may need daily as a backup in your garage, completely safe from an EMP.

You Can Also Keep Your Credit Card Safe

Instead of worrying about being mugged for cash, you should rather worry about someone stealing money from your card without you ever realizing it. All they need is an inexpensive device and proximity to the wallet in which you keep your card. Then your money will simply go into their account from yours! Wrap your card in a small piece of EMP Cloth to prevent this from happening next time you’re out.

You can also effectively block 5G and Wi-Fi

Because the EMP cloth blocks out all electromagnetic signals, it will also block 5G and Wi-Fi. So if you want to create a safe space in your home where no electromagnetic radiation can enter, just use the EMP Cloth as a makeshift wallpaper.

And these are just a few of the many applications of this ingenious metallic cloth.

Once you duct tape two or three EMP-Proof cloths together, it becomes an excellent way to shield even bigger items, such as cars, trucks, and so forth, offering them almost complete protection against an EMP.

You can also make your own EMP-Proof shed. Anything stored inside will be safe, and nobody will ever be able to spy on you while there.

The EMP-Proof Cloth is made out of 23% copper, 27% nickel, and 50% polyester.

The metals found inside the polyester cloth absorb all electromagnetic signals and disperse them outward, while the polyester itself prevents these signals from affecting what’s inside.

The EMP Cloth will protect your electronics against the E1, E2, and E3 waves of an EMP.

It will also protect them against a coronal mass ejection also called solar EMP, which our planet is long overdue for.

The last big one happened in 1862, and it’s become known as the Carrington Event, when telegraph wires were burned all over America.

A solar EMP of that magnitude happening today would cause widespread electrical disruptions worldwide, long blackouts, and severe damage and loss of life due to extended outages of the electrical power grid.

The EMP-Proof Cloth has been in such high demand lately that we rarely have it in stock anymore. There have been many months when we didn’t have even one piece available, so just the fact that you can see this page means you’re one of the lucky few who can acquire this kind of EMP protection for themselves and their family.

Because we only use the highest-quality materials and never compromise, we continue to run the risk of running out of stock at any time.

The only thing I can promise is that if you can see the buy button below, you can still get your own EMP-Proof Cloth.

And if you do, I have a surprise I think you’re going to love.

I’m talking about two exclusive bonuses that will help you get the most out of your cloth and help you survive during dark times.

+2 FREE Bonuses

And 24/7 One-On-One Support

+2 FREE Bonuses And 24/7 One-On-One Support

These two bonuses are usually worth $29 each, but today you get them completely FREE.

What You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP

To survive an EMP, you won’t just need a working generator, car, or ham radio. You will also need a few other vital items that won’t be available after the strike. In this bonus, I will show you each one and then explain why you need it and where to get it as cheap as possible today. Make no mistake—if you miss more than a couple of these items, your survival chances will go down by a lot no matter how prepared you think you are right now.

How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land

This was made especially for people who want to have a self-sufficient homestead. I'll show you exactly how to build one and how to divide your land into small sections to get the most out of it. I will also show you what ingenious projects to build around the house to store and filter rainwater, preserve food, defend your home, live without electricity, and many, many more, like the small medicinal garden you absolutely need to have in your backyard.

The EMP Cloth Package

So today, you can receive the EMP-Proof Cloth and be protected against an EMP, plus the two bonuses, What You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP and How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land, not for $157, but for only $79.

It cannot get any better than this. I would like this cloth to save as many Americans as possible, but it’s not cheap to make, so this is the bare minimum we can make it available for.

I think every prudent American should protect his vital items against an EMP. And the EMP Cloth is just the easiest and only field-tested way to do it. So click on the button below and get your EMP-Proof Cloth today—risk free!

So today, you can receive the EMP-Proof Cloth and be protected against an EMP, plus the two bonuses, What You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP and How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land, not for $157, but for only $79.

It cannot get any better than this. I would like this cloth to save as many Americans as possible, but it’s not cheap to make, so this is the bare minimum we can make it available for.

I think every prudent American should protect his vital items against an EMP. And the EMP Cloth is just the easiest and only field-tested way to do it.

So click on the button below and get your EMP-Proof Cloth today—risk free!

Money-Back Guarantee!

Because I have such faith in the EMP-Proof cloth, it comes with a unique 60-day money-back guarantee. Once it arrives on your doorstep a few short days from now, simply take it out of the carefully wrapped package and perform the radio test I told you about—or any other test you want. Then, once you’re convinced, just wrap your backup generator in it, and you will know 100% you will be one of the few who will still have power after an EMP.

You can also place other vital electronics right beside the generator, and they will also be protected. It is so easy to use this shielding cloth that I don’t think you’ll ever want a refund.

But should you for any reason whatsoever decide you need your money back, you have a full two months to send me a short message. I’ll make sure you get back every cent.

And you’ll be able to keep the two bonuses as a simple thank you for giving this a try and doing your best to protect your family from an EMP and prevent people or agencies from tracking you and thieves from stealing funds from your card, just to name a few.

Why You Should Get It Now

Better to get it now and never need it than need it later and not have it. This thing does not have a shelf-life; it will keep protecting equipment or vehicles for as long as you want.

The EMP-Proof Cloth can literally save your life in case of an EMP or a solar EMP. So do yourself a huge favour, and get one while you still can.

Right now, you can receive the EMP-Proof Cloth plus What You Need to Have Ready Before an EMP and How to Become Self-Sufficient on 4 Acres of Land for a one-time payment simply by clicking the button below.

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to our encrypted and secure check out page. There you can review your order before you complete your purchase.

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